The Barber-Stylist Program course covers 1500 clock hours of instruction as required by the Arkansas State Board of Barber Examiners.

It takes approximately 12 months of theory instruction and practical applications to complete the course.

This program provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to satisfactorily pass an examination by the Arkansas State Board of Barber Examiners. The fee for this examination is $125.00. Upon satisfactory completion of this examination, the graduate is qualified to work as a barber in many different career opportunities.

Entry Level Position
Barber in a shop or salon, performing basic hair cuts

Intermediate Level Position(s)
Skilled hairstylist, coloring, permanent wave, or hair relaxing specialist, Merchandising, trade or manufacturer’s technician, or Manager in a shop or salon.

Advanced Level Position(s)
Platform Artist, State Board Member/Inspector, or School Director.

Upon graduation the student will be able to perform services for male and female patrons in the forms of: cutting, styling, coloring, relaxing, perming, shaving, facials, etc.


The curriculum for the Barber-Stylist training is as follows:

Hygiene and Sanitation: Covers sanitation, sterilization, hygiene, lighting and ventilation – 80 Hours

Related Sciences: Study of the basic science including physiology of the hand, arm, head and face, applying to areas which barber-stylist work is done. – 175 Hours

Shaving: Students learn the fundamentals of shaving, positions and strokes – 50 Hours

Barber-Stylist Chemistry: Specialized subject study in chemistry of cosmetic products used in the barber-stylist field –  335 Hours

Style Shop Management: Designed for persons interested in managing and owning a style salon. Topics include local, state, and federal regulations – 75 Hours

Salesmanship and Product Knowledge: – 50 Hours

Hairstyling: Study in styling hair, shampooing, hair design, curling, brushing and combing, scalp massage – 300 Hours

Haircutting: Study of the fundamentals in haircutting for both male and female. Important steps for a complete basic haircut. Procedures for cutting hair with clippers, shears and razors. Manipulative skills are developed in correct methods of razor and scissor hairshaping.- 425 Hours

Shop Deportment: As an enhancement to our curriculum, Shop Deportment has been added to our curriculum. This course will teach the manner of conducting oneself or behavior in the shop or salon. Also, dramatization of situations, which will come up in a shop, will be discussed. Finally, coversational English for the shop will be reviewed as well as telephone techniques and proper greeting of patrons – 10 Hours